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How to buy Digital Gold online?

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Gold is also considered to be the most secure investment. Owing to the new age technology and financing facilities, a new form of investment, i.e., Digital Gold, has taken the world by storm. Given the various advantages that Digital Gold has portrayed over the physical form of Gold, many people are now fondly buy Digital Gold online through various platforms.

Choose a service provider

A Digital Gold service provider is the foundation of your Gold Investments, so it’s critical that you choose the best gold Investment platform to enable your success.

Today, there are plenty of platforms facilitating digital gold investments, such as GoldLane. Trust factor plays a major role in determining which platform an investor would choose for beginning his digital gold investment journey

Things to consider while choosing a platform:

The provider should buy from trusted sources and store an equivalent quantity of physical gold in insured vaults and allocate outright ownership to gold so stored

The provider should have done proper KYC of investors to meet anti-money laundering guidelines and taken insurance cover.

Provider must disclose all the relevant information like storage, insurance, fees and charges etc transparently to the investors.

How Does GoldLane Facilitate Investing in Gold?

GoldLane provides users with a user-friendly platform with a seamless experience of selling and buying Digital Gold online.

With GoldLane, there is no restriction on the amount of money that you want to invest. You can buy Gold worth as little as Re. 1, making it a smooth experience for anyone on the platform to buy Digital Gold online anytime and anywhere.

Once you buy on GoldLane equivalent quantity of gold is stored in insured vaults and ownership is allocated to you. We have made KYC mandatory to sell beyond ₹2000 and buy more than ₹10,000. We donot charge extra storage and insurance cost and the GST amount is mentioned before buying gold.

More information here!

How to Start Investing in Gold on GoldLane?

Making Digital Gold Investments on GoldLane is very easy and can be done following the below mentioned very simple steps:

Download the app and sign up

Choose gold in grams or in ruppes (Minimum of ₹1)

Complete KYC (if buying above ₹10,000 worth gold)

You can pay for gold purchases via UPI, NEFT, RTGS, net banking or any e-wallets at your convenience. You can also make purchases on the platform using your card.

All the Gold purchased by you is secured in a dedicated vault at our authorised facility, which is completely safe and secure at all times.

You can request the physical form of Gold to be delivered to your doorstep. Making charges and delivery charges will be applicable

You can also sell the Gold on the same platform whenever you please.
Whenever you sell any gold, the payment is automatically credited to the primary account linked with your profile immediately.

Furthermore, you can manage your investments, your vault and your account any time and anywhere through our android or IOS Mobile App. The mobile app provides a super-quick method of making gold investments, staying updated with the latest gold prices as well as managing your accounts on GoldLane.

Why Choose GoldLane for Digital Gold Investments?

Making investments in Digital Gold can seems easy, but in reality can be confusing. The Company providing Digital Gold has to be transparent and tell you all the benefits and charges outright. With the help of this you can make a clear and informed decision.

Reduced hassle while selling or purchasing Gold

You do not need to step out of your house. You can buy Digital Gold Online at any time. Furthermore, you don’t need to visit multiple jewellers to compare prices, reverify the purity or weight of the Gold purchased. Selling Digital Gold on GoldLane is also effortless and super convenient.

At GoldLane we strive to be transparent and clear in our proceedings. The interactive app features help you track your investment, the free resources help you make an informed decision and the responsive customer service makes your experience stress free

What we offer

Guaranteed Purity

GoldLane offers investments in 99.9% pure 24K Gold. There is no doubt in the purity of the Gold that you purchase on our platform. The gold coins and bars that we offer come with BIS Hallmark

Safe, Secure and risk-free Investments

Investments in GoldLane are safe and secure. From buying, selling, and storing Gold to the transactions that take place on GoldLane, everything is ensured with security through advanced technology and transparency of processes.

Useful app features

The web and app interface is designed to provide a very user-friendly and seamless user experience. Moreover, the app sends you notifications every time there is a rise or fall in Gold Prices.

  • Live gold prices with % change indicator
  • Interactive historical price chart: In this feature you will be able to view the gold and silver prices plotted in the form of a graph. The charts can be viewed for 5 years, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month and 7 days. Such visualization can make it easy to track the price movement over given period of time.
  • Gold news & investment tips: In this section you will be able to read latest gold Investment insights from around the Web. The new blog articles written by our experts will also be viewable here in the app.
  • Statistics panel: This shows you at which price you had bought gold and what is you current worth in terms of gold

Gold Savings Plan

We offer 3 plans; Basic, Standard and Premium. You can invest in Gold in small installments every month. At the end of the plan you can encash your gold, get it delivered in the form of coins or exchange it for gold jewellery at our partner stores. The best feature is the extra benefit of free silver upto 75% at the end of the plan. You can easily recover the GST paid with this silver.

Buy Digital Silver

You can also buy & sell silver in the same way in our app. Keep your both precious metal investments at one place


You might come across a plethora of apps to invest in Digital gold. This can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be. Choose a platform which has a long track record, can help keep both your precious metal investments at one place and most importantly, assists you in making a informed decision of whether to buy gold or not, at the end of the day.

Download the app and start your gold Investment journey with us!

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