The Covid-19 second wave has had a disastrous impact on India.
The community is coming together for providing Covid-relief and trying to ease the suffering of families caught in the middle of pandemic. Donations from you will support their efforts 10 fold

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Socially verified organisations that you can donate to

Here are some organisations that you can help enable to tackle the ill effects of the global pandemic

This campaign started as a self-funded mission to help hospitals across the country get immediate access to oxygen concentrators. We assumed a requirement of 100 pieces that we could manage. Within a few hours, we had a requirement of thousands of Oxygen Concentrators. This is a 100% non-for-profit and charitable initiative. They have already raised more than INR 15 cr as of 29th April for this initiative and have placed an order for 3900 concentrators already.

They have recognized the need of the hour and have started distributing Oxygen Cylinders to Covid-19 patients only for free. Support the cause so they can save more lives

Feeding India, a non-profit organization by Zomato, is helping hospitals and patients with oxygen and related supplies. Help us save thousands of lives.

This platform offered more than 300,000 job opportunities to the blue collared workers. The main objective was to give them better livelihood

Reaching essentials like ration and hygiene material, with dignity, to daily wagers, migrant workers and people suffering for basics in villages of India

Verified Links

KETTO – Helping Hospitals Save Lives
Hemkunt Foundation
Zomato Feeding India
Sood Charity Foundation