Gold Demand Trends Q1 2021 Report

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A detailed report by World Gold Council

World Gold Council publishes gold demand trend data every quarter of the year. They have published this year’s first quarter report and we have some astounding results to share.

The report consist of 4 main sections

1. The Gold Demand Trend Summary

This consists of a table which summaries overall gold demand in terms of jewellery, coins, Technology, ETFs, Central banks etc. The demand is represented in tonnes and is compared with last two year’s demand

2. Global data

This is globally aggregated data on supply, demand and their constituent parts. Demand is made up of jewellery, bars & coins, ETFs, central banks and technology. Supply is made up of mine production, net producer hedging and recycling. The data is presented quarterly and annually from 2010.

3. Country data

These tabs present country level data on jewellery, bar and coin, and consumer demand (the sum of jewellery and bar and coin demand). The data is presented quarterly and annually from 2010.

4. Other data

Here you can find data on prices, Indian supply, central bank gold and ETF holdings.

View report here

Gold Demand Trend Q1 2021

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