How do I open my account on goldlane?

Download the app and signup using your mobile number.

On successful signing up via mobile number, you will have to verify it by entering the OTP which you will be receiving on your registered mobile number.

Which are the documents I need to submit for accumulating Gold/Silver?

Submit your name, registered mobile number and email at the time of initiating your accumulation of Gold. During delivery, you need to submit KYC documents. NOTE: In case a transaction value crosses INR 2 lakhs, you will be required to submit your Pan Card details.

What if any of my KYC details are changed?

You shall update/notify the changes with goldlane at the earliest.

How do I buy gold/silver?

You can buy digital gold at the rate displayed on the goldlane dashboard starting from Rupee 1 or 0.1 in grams and you can buy silver starting from 1 gram.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to buy bullion?

The MOQ for gold is 0.1 gram or 1 Rupee and for silver it shall be 1 gram.

Where can I find the invoice for my order?

After a successful transaction, an Invoice shall be sent to the registered email.In case if invoice has not been received,ensure the email is verified.

What is the live price?

Live price means the current Gold rate or Silver in Indian rupees per gram of 999 fine Gold/Silver, as displayed on the platform , inclusive of duty and GST.

What does the live price exclude?

The live price is exclusive of product(coins/bars) manufacturing/making charges, delivery charges and any other charges if applicable.

How long is the live price valid for completing a transaction?

The live price, at which you choose to buy Gold/SIlver, will be valid for 5 minutes from the time of your click on the option to buy. In case you fail to complete the transaction by making the payment, you will be redirected to the new live price, from where you can restart the transaction to buy a fresh offer.

Is Cash On Delivery(COD) option available?

No, COD option is not available.

Can I cancel my gold/silver purchase?

Once the order is placed, cancellations or refunds cannot be done subject to the conditions in the terms and conditions.

What is the quantity of Gold/Silver that I can sell back to goldlane?

You may resell any amount of digital gold/silver you possess in your wallet for good prices.

How do I sell the Gold/SIlver I have purchased?

You can offer to sell your Gold/Silver stashed in your wallet on “”

Under sell option in the App, enter the weight you want to sell and proceed for the next step.

You have to add the details of the bank account and IFSC code in the goldlane App.

The amount will be credited in your bank account and the Ounces balance will be deducted from the digital balance.

In case of any technical failure, goldlane may refuse to sell your gold/silver. In that case, please contact goldlane customer care team.

Is there any minimum sell value?

Minimum selling value of gold shall be 0.01 gms and silver will be 3 grams

Why are the Buy & Sell prices different?

Sell is a Buyback offer by “”. There would be a difference between Buy and Sell price because of certain costs and taxes.

Can I cancel my sell order?

Once has accepted your offer to sell, the cancellation of the order cannot be done.

Where will I get the cash for selling sold gold/silver?

You shall redeem the amount in the bank account, which has been registered by you with

What is the duration for the cash to be credited to my account?

It may take 3-5 working days to get credited in your bank account.

How do I withdraw my gold/silver?

You can put a request to withdraw Gold/Silver from your digital account.

You will have to select the denomination,design and brand of the coin/bar you want to withdraw from the options available on the goldlane App. Each coin will have different making charges, based on the weight and design of the coin (Note: While choosing the denomination of coin/bar,you must have equal or higher quantity of ounce available in your digital wallet.)

You will have to pay the the convenience fees based on the design of the product.

The product will be delivered at the address mentioned by you during checkout. Once done, you’ll receive an SMS confirmation of the same.

Your email could go to spam or I could miss it and not receive your message?

It is your responsibility to be available on your phone and/ or on the contact address.

How many attempts will you make to reach out to me?

The company shall strive to deliver twice to you.

What to do if I miss the Delivery?

If you missed the delivery, you will have to request for delivery again.The delivery charges shall be applicable for re-attempt.

Can I collect the coins from the delivery center directly?

No. You will have to request for delivery from app alone. You shall be notified when we enable the feature of collecting your gold/silver directly from the Delivery center.

Do I have to show any documents at the time of delivery?

At the time of placing the order, the Member shall state the full name of the recipient as stated in his / her (recipient’s) government-approved photo identification. At the point of delivery the recipient shall collect the product, by furnishing any one of the following government-approved personal

identification cards:

Aadhar card;

Driver’s License;

Voters Identification card or


Delivery shall be made by the Company/courier agent only after the photo and name of the recipient is verified and confirmed by them. To ensure safe and secure delivery of the package, the details of the personal identification card will be noted. The recipient of the package must cooperate with the courier agent by providing required and valid copies of his / her personal identification card.

What is the duration required for delivery?

The duration for delivery will generally be 5-14 days. The duration stated may vary depending upon the location /other external factors not in the control of the company.

Is it possible to store my withdrawn gold/silver coins and bars in safe custody and have them delivered later?

No, there is no such option.

What is making and delivery charges?

Making charges are the costs involved in manufacturing/minting Gold/silver into a coin/bar

This includes the cost of packaging the coin in tamper-proof cards.

Delivery charges also includes the logistics cost to deliver high-value gold/silver safely to your location.

Can I put in a different address from the one I used at the time of registering for the plan?

Yes, you can submit any address. However, you need to ensure the complete address with the pincode is correct and within your reach. .

If your address is not serviceable at the time of redemption, you will be given the option to pick up the delivery from the nearest goldlane partnered office.

Is it possible that after choosing a specific product, I get intimation saying the product is out of stock? In such a case what do I do?

The amount paid by you during checkout will be returned to your bank account within 3-7 working days.

After that, you can select any other product from the goldlane platform.

What is the Return Policy in case I receive a different product or damaged goods?

goldlane requests all customers to check the product/package for any damage or tamper before/on accepting the product.

If you find anything suspicious/broken/tampered seal/container, please do not accept the package. The package shall be returned immediately to us.

goldlane will not be responsible for any loss or damage occurred after the customer accepts the parcel.

It is the duty of the customer to verify the damage or tampering in the product. Once the product has been accepted, we shall not be responsible for any damage/issues.

The Customer shall raise a complaint within 24 hours of delivery with our help desk if there is an issue with the delivery of the product.

What is the purity of Gold and Silver available on goldlane?

goldlane sells coins/bars only from well-established brands. The purity of the

commodity is as follows:

24k(999) purity coins/bars

22k(916 BIS HALLMARKED) coins/bars

Silver 999 coins/bars

Are the coins hallmarked?

Hallmarks are done for ornaments only. However, all coins will be assayer certified with tamper proof packing.

Are the coins given to me genuine?

goldlane only sells well-established brands of coins which are assayer certified.

The gold/silver coins are directly dispatched from our authorized seller.

All the coins are delivered in sealed tamper-proof packaging..

In case of any issues, contact our helpdesk.

How can I use the Gold and Silver bought from goldlane?

You can purchase gold/silver ornaments from jewelry shops using your digital gold/silver.

Where can I exchange my digital gold and silver bought from goldlane?

You may exchange your digital gold/silver with any of the partnered stores of goldlane as displayed in the website. Stores accepting goldlane’s digital gold/silver will be updated regularly on the website and the app.

What is the benefit of digital Exchange?

You are not required to carry huge amount of cash or any other mode of payment.

You can purchase digital Gold/Silver in goldlane wallet and exchange it with other commodities.

Your savings are completely safe and hidden from any factors you feel unsafe.

Note: Making charges totally depend on the store.

Is there any minimum value for exchange?

Exchange value of gold will be 0.01 gms and silver will be 3 grams

How do I become a dealer of goldlane?

Enjoy premium benefits by partnering with us. Kindly write to us - and we will get in touch with you.

I have a jewelry store, how do I accept goldlane?

If you have a store and you want to accept goldlane’s gold/silver in exchange for ornaments simply follow the below steps

Open the app and click Accept option

Fill the details listed and submit to us for verification.

Once verification is completed from our side,your account will be ready for further process

I accepted gold/silver from goldlane, how do I redeem gold/silver now?

goldlane provides hassle-free redemption of ounces for stores. Simply go to our dealer store, transfer your digital gold/silver to dealer and get physical gold/silver instantly.

NOTE: You will be able to redeem in the available denomination of coin by paying nominal making charges.In case you don’t need in the form of coins/ bar cutting , it shall be given at no extra costs.

How to find goldlane dealers?

Please find it under Partnered store section in the app. You can find goldlane dealers listed area wise.

How do I become a dealer?

You can apply through goldlane platform to become a Dealer. Contact us for more details.

Why purchase on

No minimum limit: allows you to buy as low as 0.1gm of gold or 1gm of silver.

Price: We bring all products to you at wholesale prices.:)

Buy/Sell: With you can sell the Ounces to us which are bought from us at very good prices.

Hassle free Account Creation: Account creation at is a quick process. All we need from you is a good internet connection. We'll take care of the rest.

Less Paperwork: To verify your account, all we need from you is a scanned copy of KYC document.

No extra charges: We do not believe in brokerage so “No brokerage” at any time.

Use Ounces Online/Offline: Once you have purchased the Ounces at, you can use them to buy any jewelry at any of our authorized centers or buy through us. We'll help you out everything.

Delivery: The buyer can use the option of delivery of products ( Gold Coins/Bars/Jewelry) at their address with some amount of making charge of the coin. Don't worry we'll not charge more.

24*7 Customer Service: If you need any assistance with the process, all you need is to reach out to us using either of Chat/email. We'll help you out at the earliest.

How does ‘’ give a fair and competitive price in the market?

We believe in transparency. Therefore, all prices on "" are as per the live wholesale market prices.

How do I close my account?

Login to your goldlane account.

Please ensure that the digital account balance is zero or redeem the ounces by taking delivery of the same.

Inactive accounts with NIL balance for a period of 365 days will be closed automatically

What happens if I do not respond to your email to make a transaction? goldlane reserves the right to cancel the gold purchased by you. If you do not make any transaction for a period of 1 year, then we’ll deactivate your account. To activate it again, send an email to us and we’ll set everything.

Is there any frequency at which I need to make transactions to keep my account active? Alternatively, what makes my account inactive?

If you do not make any transaction for a period of 365 days, your account will be marked deactivated.

In such a case, you will be sent a notification to make a transaction on your registered mobile number and email.

Is my gold safe at goldlane?

All the gold/silver purchased by you shall be insured until it is stored by goldlane. Only transit insurance shall be provided to the customer by goldlane and it shall be valid only up to the time of acceptance of delivery.

What is the maximum period for which goldlane will store my Gold?

You can buy and store your gold for a maximum period of 5 years from the date of purchase with us. It will be kept in safe custody. You can sell/withdraw your gold anytime within five years. Once this duration is complete, it is mandatory to sell or take delivery of the respective quantity at additional charges, as applicable at that time may be levied. In case of no response from the user, we have the right to close your account and any gold/silver from your wallet will be liquidated at the sale price of goldlane and will be kept in a custody account maintained under goldlane. You can claim the amount by contacting goldlane team anytime and we’ll help you with the procedure.

In case of any casualty,how safe is my gold/silver in the vault?

The vault is fully insured for all eventualities.