Goldlane Digital Gold FAQ

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Is it possible to change my registered mobile number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your registered mobile number.

In case I lose my registered mobile number, how do I reset my password?

Please contact our support team if you lose/forget your mobile number.

Why should I get my KYC done with Goldlane?

Our top priority is the safety and security of your investment. KYC verification helps us to validate your authenticity and aids in adding a nominee for your account. This also helps us to prevent potentially fraudulent activities.
KYC is mandatory to carry out

  • Buy order above 10,000 collectively.
  • Sell orders above ₹ 10,000 collectively.
  • Getting home delivered of your Gold/Silver.
  • Exchange orders.
  • Instant to 24 Hours settlement.
How do I complete my KYC process?

Simply open the GoldLane app on your phone, go to settings and click on the KYC verification tab under the Profile section to complete the process

What KYC documents are accepted?

In order to complete your KYC verification process, you may submit any one of the following Government validated identification cards:
a) Voter Card
b) Aadhar Card
c) Driving License
d) PAN Card

What happens to my accumulated Gold/Silver in case of any mishap?

In the event of any casualty or death, the nominee is entitled to all investments secured in the vault.

How do I add a Nominee for my account?

After completing KYC verification, open the settings tab on your GoldLane app and click on “Add Nominee” and fill out the requisite details. In case your KYC verification hasn’t been completed, please visit your Profile and complete the verification to add a nominee.

Is it possible to change the Nominee?

Yes, we offer you the option to change your nominee. Please contact our support team for further details

How and when does a nominee play the role?

GoldLane monitors your login activity. In case your account is completely inactive for more than 365 days, we will notify you. And if there’s no response from your behalf for 21 days, we will contact your nominee and further process will be carried out.

How can I reset my password?

In case you wish to reset your password, enter your registered mobile number and click on the “Forgot Password” tab. An OTP will be sent to you via SMS. Simply enter the OTP and click on proceed.

Is a PAN Card mandatory?

PAN Card details are required only when a transaction value crosses Rs. 2 Lakh.


What can I do with my accumulated digital Gold?

At GoldLane, we offer you the flexibility to sell, exchange or get your gold delivered to your doorstep.

How to buy digital gold on GoldLane?

On the GoldLane app,
1.Open buy option
2.Choose the commodity you want to buy.
3.Enter value in Rupee or Weight
4.Proceed to payment.

What is the minimum amount required to buy digital gold/silver?

We offer digital gold/silver purchase options from prices starting as low as ₹1.

What is the purity of gold/silver I buy from GoldLane?

Our offerings include 24 Karat (999) and 22 Karat (916) Gold and Silver (999).

What is the assurance for purity and safety of the gold/silver I purchase?

All our offerings are BIS Hallmark/Independent Assayer certified. GoldLane offers the best assurance for your gold, in terms of quality as well as security.
Industry Standard Vaults, coupled with insurance coverage, ensures that your gold and investments are in the safest hands.

How to check my vault balance?

On the GoldLane app, choose vault option and you should be able to see your vault balance with nett worth of it.

Can I buy gold/silver coins directly?

Yes, you will be able to make purchases directly from the GoldLane app. Our highest safety standards ensure that all your private information is safe with us.


Where can I obtain an invoice for my purchases?

After a purchase is made, an Invoice will be sent directly to your registered email id.
You can also find a copy of the Invoice in your order summary.

Can I cancel the Buy order?

Unfortunately, once an order is placed, you will not be able to cancel it.